Luxury Waterfront Residence

This residence is an exceptional example of the South Florida waterfront home. With over 85FT on the water, direct ocean access, and amazing vistas this luxurious home was built to let the outside in. While the ownership and design teams strived to maximize window and door spans, they also placed special care in integrating seamlessly with the existing architecture. The idea was to maximize waterfront living. This was accomplished with beautiful CGI windows and doors that overlook the pool, patio, and waterfront areas. Living rooms with high ceilings featured CGI 450series French doors which also open to pool areas providing a functional and elegant in-door out-door space.

Wind Ready worked with design professionals and ownership to bring the vision to life. CGI windows and doors are not only beautifully featured in the home, but provide the first line in defense during the Atlantic Hurricane season. The strongest impact windows in the business also provide a formidable theft deterrent to any would-be intruder, as well as quiet enjoyment for years to come. Every piece of art and all furnishings will enjoy an interior void of damaging UV light. This project was completed by Wind Ready ahead of schedule and within budget.