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The Holiday Inn Port of Miami

The Holiday Inn Port of Miami is located in the heart of downtown across the street from the American Airlines Arena and the Port of Miami. When it came time to change the pre-existing non-impact windows and sliding glass doors, Sound Hospitality chose Wind Ready.

Their goal was to provide a high degree of safety for life and property during a wind storm event such as a hurricane and consequently chose to install a high pressure, large missile window wall system to retrofit their existing glazing configuration. Wind Ready’s product selection and careful demolition techniques saved Sound Hospitality a considerable amount of money usually associated with similar projects.

During the design phase of this project several non-structural areas adjacent to existing glazing were discovered. Wind Ready was able to value engineer a solution that was aesthetically pleasing, mechanically sound, within budget, and acceptable to the project engineer with no delays to the manufacturing or installation process.

One of the major challenges that Wind Ready faced on this project was performing at a high level in a building that was typically 80{e6710d9070ad14635ca0ece6d999703af6be7e1b32df6778cb4c37dffe9571f9} to 90{e6710d9070ad14635ca0ece6d999703af6be7e1b32df6778cb4c37dffe9571f9} occupied. “Wind Ready was able to successfully coordinate with me and my staff all the while performing in a successful workman like manor with little or no interruption to guests” said Hamilton Abreau of Sound Hospitality. Wind Ready used highly coordinated scheduling, and abundant manpower to cordon off a section of the property, demolish existing glazing, and then install replacement glazing the same day with no interruption to hotel service. In fact, units that were installed on one day were typically booked and sold on the following day.

One of the ways that Wind Ready was able to turn around rooms so quickly was through the use of the curtain-wall opening isolation system. This system allows Wind Ready installation team members to work in the designated window and door area of a room by isolating the area. A self contained industrial spring loaded frame was erected around the window or door opening, then, a commercial grade plastic tarp was held in place by tension rods that completely protected the rest of the room by isolating debris and dust within the designated area. All flooring was protected by an adhesive, roll on plastic covering that completely protected carpet, hard wood, tile or marble flooring. When the installation was complete, Wind Ready installation professionals cleaned the affected area, removed the curtain wall and floor covering, and moved on to the next opening.

Sound Hospitality and their guests at the Holiday Inn continue to enjoy safe, effortless, and beautiful hurricane protection provided by the impact installation professionals at Wind Ready.

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